4 Skin Care Tips for Men With Oily Skin

4 Skin Care Tips for Men With Oily Skin
4 Skin Care Tips for Men With Oily Skin

Skincareview.com, Oily Skin – Some people seem to bear it all. When the forces that be doled out gifts, they were the clear favorites. They got the smarts, the temper, the looks, the money, the taste. And they’re never, ever seen mopping at their faces with a tissue, testing to wipe off the oil that just… won’t … stop … coming.

4 Skin Care Tips for Men With Oily Skin
4 Skin Care Tips for Men With Oily Skin

It’s plenty to make you hate those people, isn’t it? And they’re pure, perfect skin. Because, for most of us, skin problems are a fact of life. By mid-day, your reflection in the mirror has enough shine to blind an onlooker, and you stand there saying, “Why? WHY?” As your confidence deflates a tiny chip. There’s still hope for you, my friend. We have five tips for those of you whose oil glands are out of ascendancy.

1. Don’t Be Afraid Of Products

Yes, your papa used plain old soap to rinse his face every day. But he also gave you french fries before you had teeth. The man’s wisdom was not infallible. There are warehouses full of products out there that companies spent multiple years and millions of dollars formulating so that you would buy them to make you look outstanding. (Makes you feel kinda special, doesn’t it?) Men whose medicine cabinets are startlingly bare often just don’t know what to purchase. And we don’t blame you — half the stuff written on the hundreds of bottles in the drugstore is gobbledygook, in any event. But be courageous. A teenage boy can get off with just a tube of zit cream and a stick of deodorant in the bathroom drawer, but a grown man cannot.

You really only need a few things, like a gentle cleanser and moisturizer (we’ll go into that in a minute), and if you can’t choose on your own, there’s probably a sister or female friend around who can help. If you’re too embarrassed to do that, take a face around the bathroom of your most GQ friends the next time you’re over. It’s not creepy if it’s research. Maybe the best thing you can pick up: a mattifier. Better than rabbit-out-of-a-hat sleight of hand, this is make-your-face-matte-instead-of-shiny magic in a bottle.

2. Be Gentle

Of course you want to wash your face when it appears like you’ve smeared olive oil all over it. But doing it 20 times a day in scalding water with a chemical-smelling, harsh cleanser isn’t going to ferment — it actually makes it worse.
You can certainly make your skin nice and dry that way. Too dry and hard. And then your usually well-oiled skin will start freaking out because you’ve quite literally irritated it. As a consequence, your body ratchets up oil production to try to protect itself from whatever is attacking it: i.e., you.

Oily skin and acne are all too often BFFs, as well. If you have acne, it’s even more important not to scrub away at your face with gritty exfoliants and zillion-percent benzoyl peroxide washes. You have to be nice to it, instead. Use warm water and a gentle cleanser, and then schedule a trip to the dermatologist. Some cases of acne simply can’t be handled effectively with over-the-counter products, and the answer to your skin problem may be as easy as picking up a prescription for an oral antibiotic or topical cream.

3. Yes Moisturize

It sounds nuts: Slap some moisturizer on oily skin? Uh, sure, I’ll get right on that. But oil and moisture are two different matters. Everybody’s skin needs extra moisture. There are besides many things out there — from cold winds to hot furnaces — that are busy stealing it from you. The best moisturizer for oily skin will be light and oil-free (bonus points if you find one with sunscreen). If the promotional material says “rich and creamy,” move past it — it’s not for you, and it may actually be salad dressing. After that, all you have to do is place it on the right, which is where most people screw up. The second you get out of the shower or finish washing your face, pat (don’t fret — pat) your skin dry and then smooth on the moisturizer while your skin’s a bit damp so the moisturizer can soak in.

4. Stay Away from Steroids

When you look in the mirror, you want to like what you find out. We all have different tastes, but if your heart’s desire is to look like you’ve been going out with Ryan Reynolds for “The Green Lantern,” don’t think steroids are going to do it. Steroid use can help you develop some awe-inspiring musculature, sure, but not without side effects. Acne is the most usual, followed by oily skin. You know how steroids make your muscles bigger? They do the exact same thing to the oily glands. And — surprise — bigger oil glands equal more oil. So if you want to look totally ripped, you’re going to have to do it the old-fashioned manner. Unless you were really hoping for disfiguring scars, in which case, run for it.

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