Essential Steps of Korean Skin Care

Essential Steps of Korean Skin Care
Essential Steps of Korean Skin Care

Skincareview.comKorean Skin Care recently is getting more and more popular all around the world. People want to have fair and clear skin like Koreans. You might also want the same thing but it cannot be achieved instantly. There are steps which must be followed for getting the Korean skin look. It can include many steps but here are the essential steps which you can follow to get the skin looks like Korean.

Essential Steps of Korean Skin Care
Essential Steps of Korean Skin Care


There is no doubt that the most important step in the skin care routine cannot be separated from cleansing. This step is necessary for removing anything which accumulates on the skin after doing the activity all day and night. This is important for keeping the skin healthy. Double cleanse method is followed by Koreans after all. At first, they use oil for cleansing the skin. It will break down the impurities based on oil including sunscreen and makeup gently. Next, the water based cleanser is used for cleaning the skin pores.


Exfoliation cannot be separated from the Korean skin care routine. It is useful for removing the dead cells of the skin. This is something which cannot be done by the cleansers. The skin must be kept clear from the dead skin cells for making sure that It is clear, bright, and more importantly youthful. For exfoliating the dead skin cells, you can choose two methods. First, you can use chemical exfoliation that which based on gentle acids for getting clear and bright skin. Physical exfoliation is the next option and it uses the abrasive ingredients such as beads and sugar.

Sheet Mask

Skin care in Korea seems like identical with sheet mask. It becomes a must because Koreans think that hydration is the key for healthy and beautiful skin. Sheet mask is the best way for delivering moisture to the skin. There are many sheet mask products which can be chosen for this benefit.


The skin care can be more personal because different people can have different problem with their skin. You have certain skin concern and they need to choose the product which can help them deal with the problem. The problem can be varied from uneven skin tone to dryness and each will need specific treatment.


Moisturizer is very important for Korean beauty routine. The moisturizers which should be used are varied. Oils become the first option even for the oily skin type owner. There will also be night masks which work the same as night cream and regular creams for the best Korean Skin Care.

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