How to Apply Korean Skin Care to Treat Acne

How to Apply Korean Skin Care to Treat Acne
How to Apply Korean Skin Care to Treat Acne – Having acne is one of annoying issues. Thank to Korean skin care, now you can treat your acne with the best result using Korean skin care.

How to Apply Korean Skin Care to Treat Acne
How to Apply Korean Skin Care to Treat Acne

The first step: double cleansing

The first step to treat your acne using Korean skin care is double cleansing. You shouldn’t go to bed unless your face is makeup free. One thing you should know is that makeup will not be gone completely only with water and one wash. So, using cleansing oil is one of the ways to remove your makeup. Choose cleansing oil that is washable oil that can help remove makeup fast.

The second step: masque and facial massage

The aim in applying facial massage is to help your blood circulation getting stimulated to make sure that your skin will be bright and glowing not only from the inside but also outside. If your acne is painful or oozing, you can choose scrub that is a little bit mild. It will help you exfoliating the skin to remove bacteria and debris that cause acne. Daily or regular face massage is essential part of the routine if you want to try Korean skin care routine to treat your acne.

The third step: toning

Many women actually think that applying toner is no use. But the reality in skin care routine of Korean women is that they involve toning in one of the steps to get beautiful skin. Toners are considered effective to help clearing pores and removing debris. You should buy a toner that is suitable for your type of skin. The ideal toner is the one that is acne prone and oily skin as it has acid of natural salicylic which can combat blackheads and acne.

The fourth step: serum

The next step is using serum as a part of the routine. Serums are very essential to prevent wrinkles and acne to appear. Many beauty experts say that Korean serums are much lighter compare to any face cream. Serums can penetrate deeper into skin dermis and then stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin. You can also buy the serum alongside with your favorite moisturizer. Apply them in turn and wat around 5 minutes before applying moisturizer after the serum.

The fifth step: moisturizer

Like we have mentioned in the previous step that moisturizer is also essential part after you apply serum. A moisturizer that is non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic is an ideal moisturizer you can choose.

By doing those five steps of Korean skin care routine, you will get flawless skin without acne anymore!

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