Important Korean Skin Care You Must Do Regularly at Home – Korean skin care is what you need to have beautiful skin just like your favorite Korean artists. Here are the steps to apply Korean skin care for maximal result.

Important Korean Skin Care You Must Do Regularly at Home
Important Korean Skin Care You Must Do Regularly at Home

Clean Makeup Regularly

The most important basic thing you must do is clean your makeup with makeup remover and oil cleanser. Just do it at night before going to sleep. Try to clean all parts of your face with the cleanser and then wash it with warm water.

Choose Cleanser Product Selectively

The way to choose the cleanser products is also important to have clean, shiny, and white skin just like Korean. Koreans are picky in choosing their cleanser and they don’t want to use cleanser with any unclear and dangerous chemical ingredients. The secret is choosing water based cleanser only. It totally safe for you!

Do Exfoliating Process

One more important thing in Korean skin care is exfoliating process. This process is useful to remove dead cells away to rest your skin as well as creating new active cells. Korean love to exfoliating their skin at least twice a week and it keeps their skin looks clear and polished.

Use Toner

Koreans also love to keep their pH skin level by using toner. Just make sure that you choose natural toner to prevent unwanted skin problems. Then, apply it to your face regularly to have bright and clean skin.

Apply Essence Serum

Most Koreans love to treat their skin with natural products including essence. Essence is like a serum and the main function is to maintain their skin hydrate. Moreover, it is also useful to remove dead cells and trigger skin to reproduce new active cells. Clean your skin with warm water first before applying the essence and do it regularly to get clean and chewy skin just like what you want.

Use Natural Sheet Mask

Do you often see Koreans making a mask? It is not a regular mask. It is a sheet mask! The mask is designed to moist the skin. You just need to use the mask for about 15 up to 20 minutes for once or twice a week. This simple treatment is enough to take care of your skin free from skin problems.

Apply Eye Cream

Most people don’t really care about skin around their eyes, but not with Koreans. They know it is also important part of their face. That’s why, they also tend to use eye cream to hydrate and protect the skin from any unwanted skin irritation or problems.
So, are you ready to have skin just like a Korean? Just follow the Korean skin care above and feel the benefits right away.